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Brains and Beauty Podcast

Aug 21, 2020

In this episode, Cindy Cowan shares with us her journey on how she became one of the leading producers in Hollywood and what it takes to succeed in a male dominated industry such as Entertainment. 

Guest: Cindy Cowan is an Emmy winning film producer and a Power house in The Entertainment industry. Cindy co-founded IEG with Graham King in 1995, which had many successes including: an Emmy nomination for Rent-A-Kid, starring Leslie Nielson; Emmy, Golden Globe and People’s Choice nominations for If These Walls Could Talk, starring Cher, Sissy Spacek, Anne Heche and Demi Moore; and won a United Nations Award for Savior, starring Dennis Quaid.  IEG also saw success with its production of Traffic, starring Michael Douglas and Benicio Del Toro; the film won Oscars for directing, adapted screenplay, editing, and best supporting actor.  Additional projects produced by Ms. Cowan while at IEG include Very Bad Things, starring Cameron Diaz and Christian Slater; and the Robert Altman-directed Dr. T & the Women, starring Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler.

Host: Galina Antonova is a Russian model, actress, fashion editor and entrepreneur!

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