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Brains and Beauty Podcast

May 15, 2020

In today's episode my guest Laura Coones will share with us useful tips on staying in shape and being consistent with your diet while staying home in quarantine!  


Guest: Laura Coones is an NPC bikini competitor with 20 years of experience in fitness and health industry!

Follow Laura on IG at 

May 10, 2020

Today's episode is a fun chat with my dear friend Amanda Lauren, we talk about dating during quarantine and how we keep ourselves busy during these times! 


Amanda is an international model who appeared on covers of Playboy and MaximFrance.

Galina Antonova is a...

May 1, 2020

In this episode my guest Elena A Kozyreva helps us to answer important questions about Covid-19. How dangerous is Coronavirus to our health and how we can protect ourselves from it by strengthening our immune system. 

Todays guest-Elena A Kozyreva is a founder of a...