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Brains and Beauty Podcast

Nov 11, 2020

In today's episode we talk about all things PR; what is PR, what it can do for you, when is the right time to invest in PR and how to choose the right PR for you!

Today’s guest:

Andréa Thornton is a Brand Strategist with 20 year communications experience and a Founder of Prolific Public Relations firm!


Sep 14, 2020

In this episode Dr Gundry discusses the hidden dangers in “Healthy” foods that cause disease and weight gain! 

Today’s guest:

Steven R. Gundry is an American doctor and author. He is a former cardiac surgeon and currently runs his own clinic in Palm Springs, investigating the impact of diet on health! He is also a...

Aug 21, 2020

In this episode, Cindy Cowan shares with us her journey on how she became one of the leading producers in Hollywood and what it takes to succeed in a male dominated industry such as Entertainment. 

Guest: Cindy Cowan is an Emmy winning film producer and a Power house in The Entertainment industry. Cindy co-founded IEG...

Aug 8, 2020

Today’s guest Olga Ferrara, a fashion editor/stylist will help us to look fashionable on a budget! We will talk about what it means to have a good taste, how to look stylish without effort and some don't and do in fashion. 

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Host: Galina Antonova is...

Jul 21, 2020

Today's Guest: Erika De La Cruz-TV host, Amazon best selling author of "Passionistas", inspirational speaker and a founder of “Passion to Paycheck” brand and community.